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Alata was founded in 1999 as an Upper Adriatic tourism portal as part of the projects for the Jubilee Year.
The company created a technological platform for the collection and distribution, over the Internet, of tourist information on the Upper Adriatic area and built up a network of relationships with the principal interlocutors in the local tourist sector: APT, P.A., various Museums and cultural associations, tourist guides, etc.

A lata took part in the conception and realisation of the Venice Card Project, investing in the share capital of Venice Cards S.p.A. right from its creation.
Since 2001 Alata’s activity has concentrated principally on the development and realisation of web services and content management for Public Administration and for Public Utilities

Today the new Alata is a joint stock company with both public and private partners who share the same objective of exploiting the acquired technological know-how in order to capitalise and expand computerised tourist services. Alata aims to play a driving role in the organisation and management of tourist flow, focussing on the diffusion of the culture of making reservations and a more conscious and efficient use of the many tourist resources and cultural assets in the territory.
In order to strengthen these services, since 2003 Alata has acquired a new partners, the Infracom Group, with 49% of the share capital.

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Infracom Serenissima Infracom
Investiments S.A.


Founded in 1999 as a business venture by a group of leading economic operators in North-East Italy who wished to pool their assets and know-how in order to respond to the needs and expectations of the regional community, today Infracom, having concluded a series of acquisitions and commercial agreements, is an organised group, able to support all the needs of companies in the territory in matters of Information & Communication Technology and the development and management of complex projects.

Today the Infracom Group is composed of important operators currently active in the reference sector, such as:
• Multilink, an independent telecommunications operator in the North East with an offer of integrated TLC services that cover the whole value chain, from creation to supply.
Inform, an important group of companies operating in the IT sector, specialised in the planning, realisation and management of projects and solutions in the financial and industrial sectors and in Public Administration, with particular skills in the areas of territorial and environmental information systems, and of technologies and services for cultural assets and the management of electronic documentation.
• Wintec, a group that operates in the Information technology sector, offering its services to many clients in the field of finance, public administration, insurance, industry and general services.
• Alata, the company active in the realisation of computerised infrastructures for the management of tourist flows.

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