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Venice Travel CardChoosing the Veneto means selecting a destination. Experiencing the Veneto signifies many things: such is the quantity of treasure here kept. Today every type of holiday is possible in the Veneto, because in a land 210 km in length we find all the beauties of nature and the summits of man's artistic achievements.

Here it is possible to admire the world from the peaks of the Dolomites or plunge into the deep blue of a sea steeped in history, to trace the epochs in ancient cities or enjoy invigorating lake air.
Here one can love culture, relax and enjoy health cures the Romans knew of, sample traditional cuisine and customs, practise sport in close contact with nature in all her forms.
Here one can count on the efficiency and quality of the services.
Coming to the Veneto means all this….and much more.

VENETOINSIDE.COM: the aim of the site is to help you decide if your destination is to be the Alps for skiing or the shores of the Adriatic for relaxation. The art of Venice, Verona, Padua,…or the unspoilt and wild natural beauty of the Po delta.

Veneto is the land that enchants, come and discover it…


Heritage cities
The only tourist itinerary to extend across the whole of the Veneto is that dedicated to those passionate about art, thus providing a unity in the name of the secular treasures of history, art and customs which each town, even the smallest, preserves. Art tourism, of which the Veneto holds the crown, is growing year after year, also in the 'minor' towns.

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The eastern coast of Lake Garda and the smaller lakes in the mountaneous region represent another value of our region: clear expanses of water that reflect the surrounding beauty of light and colour, the monuments and traces of life that man has left on these shores. Lakes that are also temples of sport, of olive oil and the best wines..

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The sea of the Veneto is among the clearest and clean seas of the Mediterranean. The resorts are distinguished by the care of their beaches and urban structures, the surrounding countryside, and the efficiency of the services. 100km of beaches and a sea safe for all the family: sports and leisure pursuits, culture and tradition, excellent cuisine, make our shores the perfect destination for every type of holidaymaker.

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The Veneto mountain landscape is poetry to the soul, which moves the artist as much as the 'ordinary' visitor: in the pastel shades, vivid hues, and soft or sharp contours, in the air which we breathe here, in the water which decorates all. These are the mountains rich in legends, in history, in art, and in age-old traditions, which offer the visitor an infinite variety of stimuli and choice fruits in every season.

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Six areas where the miracles of the natural beauty of Veneto is concentrated. The parks of the region, each with its own individual characteristics, represent an unmatched richness, spanning from the skies of the Dolomites to emerald fir and conifer forests to zones where water and land are almost indistinguishable. Divine scenery where also man has played an important role.

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A bath for well-being. The Veneto also signifies thermal spas: in fact it is the largest thermal basin in all of Europe, and is certainly the place where the culture of health and beauty has reached its greatest level. The services offered at our spas are in fact the most advanced you will encounter, combined with excellent cuisine, history, art and culture.

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