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In this new phase, the objective of Alata S.p.A. is concentrated on optimising the integrated technological platform in order to valorise, promote and organise the management of Tourism in the reference territory, to encourage scale economies in the development of services and to allow better planning by pooling information.

In the development of coordinated synergies between the many subjects in the territory, Alata will use the facilities of the telecommunications infrastructure and Call-Centres and consolidated know-how in the field of territorial information systems, in the management of solutions for cultural assets and in innovative systems for trading, pre-requisites for the supply of intermediation services with a high added value even in the tourism sector.

Alata S.p.A. will make an active contribution to the definition and development of the most innovative projects, both to support the Tour Operators, the APT and the various operators in the sector (hotels, cultural institutions and museums, transport, travel agencies,...) in trading operations with national and international markets, and to allow the end users to organise their own trips (for leisure or business).

The synergies between Alata and the Infracom Group are therefore immediately clear: pooling strategic objectives in favour of the technological and economic development of the territories of North-East Italy and achieving an extraordinary complementary of know-how and company assets.

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